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Youth Echo

Youth Echo

North London Partnership Consortium Ltd (NLPC) is delivering an exciting new youth-focused programme – Youth Echo. The programme is designed to amplify Haringey’s youth voice and empower them to thrive and succeed, regardless of their background.

About Youth Echo

Youth Echo is a partnership between NLPC, The Bridge Renewal Trust (lead), and the Godwin Lawson Foundation. The programme is funded by the City Bridge Foundation and Propel.

Key Services Offered by NLPC:

1. Work Experience Providing structured work experience for young people

2. Employability SupportCreating pathways for skills and knowledge development

3. Training Training young people in peer research techniques

Get Involved

1. As a Participant – If you are 14-24 years old and living in Haringey, join Youth Echo to take advantage of our work experience opportunities, employability support, and training programmes.

2. As an Employer – Offer Work Experience to young people in Haringey.

3. As a Supporter – Refer young people and spread the word about our programme.

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