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At NLPC we believe in continuous personal and professional development. Whether you are an individual wanting to develop your skills and knowledge base or a business wanting to increase productivity through work force development of your employees, we can help and support you. We are Gateway Qualifications accredited and run a range of accredited and non-accredited courses. All our courses are delivered by qualified trainers who are experienced and knowledgeable in their field.

Employer Workforce Development Training – CPD

Keeping your staff motivated by investing in their skills is essential to business growth and will ensure that they continue to do their jobs effectively. Staff will feel more valued and will strengthen their commitment to your business which in turn will benefit you the employer by increasing efficiency.

Management and Leadership

Without a good leader your team or organisation is directionless! This course is designed to show participants how to become effective leaders. It covers types and styles of leaders, the qualities leaders need and also the qualities leaders should inspire in others. Participants will be encouraged to critically evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses, and to identify development needs.

Examples of Course Modules

  • What is the role of a leader?
  • Characteristics of effective leaders
  • Role modelling
  • Performance management
  • Supporting and developing staff
  • Influencing others
  • Managing conflict
  • Leading and managing change

Personal Development

This course is for everyone, junior, middle, and senior management who wish to look at their personal development as well as working on specific management skills and competencies.

Examples of Course Modules

  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Creative thinking
  • Change management
  • Influencing and motivating skills
  • Confidence building

Effective Communication Skills

This communication training course is designed to improve your current communication techniques and skills.

Examples of Course Modules

  • Personal presentation
  • Different communication styles
  • Active listening
  • Verbal and non-verbal
  • Rapport and relationship

Presentation Skills

This course integrates the skills of an effective presenter with those of an exceptional negotiator to provide high impact sales presentations to senior and board level management.

Examples of Course Modules

  • Preparing a presentation
  • Audience involvement
  • Influencing your audience
  • Personal confidence
  • Holding audiences’ interest when speaking
  • Managing questions

Report Writing

This course will look at the basics of report writing including structure, presentation and organisation. There will be an opportunity to have practice sessions on aspects of report writing.

Examples of Course Modules

  • Understanding the function of reports
  • The process of report writing
  • How to analyse and improve your report style
  • How to produce concise, effective reports.

Influencing Skills

Effectiveness at work is about achieving goals; a key skill is persuading and inspiring others. The course is designed to help participants identify who they want to influence and why and increase their range of skills for influencing others. It looks at effective uses of personal and organisational power and using assertiveness skills to get your message across.

Examples of Course Modules

  • Being clear about your own vision
  • Creating rapport
  • Active listening
  • Using listening skills to find out other people’s vision
  • Developing confidence
  • Positive thinking
  • Good meeting skills
  • Presenting your ideas clearly
  • Making good relationships with people

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Effective Team Building

Team building is a good way to motivate your workforce. If you can get everyone in your organisation to feel part of a team, you’ll get more out of them. This course is designed to increase the behaviour and understanding of the role of the individual and the team’s contributions. It will establish how to ensure effective interactions, success and results.

Examples of Course Modules

  • What are the benefits of team working?
  • What is a successful team?
  • The roles needed in successful teams
  • The individual’s preferred role(s)
  • The stages of team development
  • Conflict resolution within teams
  • Managerial and team leadership styles
  • Personal action plan

Effective Time Management

Our experience of time can vary enormously, sometimes dragging interminably, sometimes seeming to fly by. This seminar is for anyone who wants to develop new approach to managing their time and priorities.

Examples of Course Modules

  • Principals of time management
  • Identifying your values and priorities
  • How to decide what is urgent / not urgent and what is important / not important
  • Barriers to time management
  • Assertiveness as a tool of time management

Customer Service

Our customer service training programme is designed to help address the key challenges facing organisations today. Our customer service training courses ensure that participants are equipped with the skills and behaviours necessary to help them deliver superior customer experience within their organisations whilst increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Examples of Course Modules

  • What is customer service?
  • Identifying your customers and their expectation
  • Importance of communication
  • Barriers to communication
  • First impressions
  • Building rapport
  • Active listening and questioning skills
  • Handling complaints
  • Voice projections

Industrial Work Placements / Internships

At NLPC , we work in partnership with employers to offer participants opportunity to gain much needed work experience with employers. This is a great opportunity to not only get an extra pair of hands, but also help participants to horn their skill sets and gain valuable experience they need to find a job and get into the world of work.
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