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Our Services

Our Services

At NLPC, we have spent years developing and refining our services to ensure we deliver quality assured support to enable the social and economic development of individuals and the wider community as well as business growth and competitiveness.

Whether you are an individual, unemployed, under employed, employed or a public sector institution, charity, social–enterprise or private sector business we are here to support you.

For individuals, we focus on developing their skills and working capacity to increase their opportunity for sustainable employment, self-employment or business development. We do this through one-to-one advice, employment and enterprise skills training, workshops and welfare development programmes.

For employers, we focus on sustaining and growing their business through our range of work force development training and business support programmes as well as our branded recruitment support service, Inspire Recruitment Solutions , which includes human resource outsourcing.

We support the Voluntary and Community groups / Charities / Social Enterprises to deliver quality assured services to their service users. We provide a range of services including organisational capacity building training for trustees, staff, volunteers and service users, project management, fund raising (bid writing), monitoring, evaluation and impact assessments of projects as well as developing internal policies, processes and procedures.

We provide cross–sector community economic research and consultancy service through our CIRU brand (Community Information and Research Unit).Our areas of service provision have included Impact Assessments, Needs /Baseline Analysis, Policy Analysis, Master Planning, and Exit Strategies. Our reports and recommendations are practical, lead to delivery of change and underpin good decision-making and model of good practice.

Our Services

Our participants reviews

Muhammed – “NLPC is an amazing company! They helped me get my dream job and supported me throughout the whole process. I went through a pre-interview session with them, which helped me pass my interview and they continued to support me even after I started working.”

Elizabeth – “After completing my Level 3 training in Health and Social care, NLPC helped me get a job despite being unemployed for several months.”

Diane – “Kudos to NLPC for the employability workshops they provide for clients, which after I attended, helped me pass my next interview.”

Julietta – “Thanks to NLPC for the opportunity to complete a Level 3 training in Health and Social care, which increased my chances of employment and eventually helped me get a job in the care sector. The training was absolutely free and my Employment advisor continued to support me even after I started working. I highly recommend NLPC to any job seeker.”

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