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Our training is designed to enable/enhance active citizenship and empower local residents to become social scientists and commentators on issues impacting their communities. We offer accredited and unaccredited trainings across different levels and in various subject areas.

Our Goals

  • To enable the capacity of local residents to provide independent, participatory community research and consultation in response to their identified and expressed community needs
  • To serve the needs of the community through research and consultations designed to inform and impact policy, as well as the overall social and economic wellbeing of the wider community
  • To connect the analysis of community needs/problems with relevant solutions that are innovative and based on a model of good practices
  • To enable cross sector and cross service knowledge transfer
  • To encourage active citizenship through the training and inclusion of local residents in the research and consultation process
  • To recognise and utilise the experiential knowledge of communities in determining its long term future
  • To contribute to the understanding of Diaspora communities in national and international development

Our training includes the following:

  • Accredited Level 2/3 in Community Economic Development and Research
  • Running Focus Groups
  • Designing questionnaires
  • Qualitative and Quantitative methods
  • Statistics and research methods for beginners
  • Introduction to Reliability and Validity
  • Inclusive Research – Engagement and Participation (involving local residents and other stakeholders across sectors)