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Black Thrive Haringey Research

Mental Health in the Black Community Survey

Opportunity to win up to £200 in vouchers!

As a valued local resident/stakeholder, we would be grateful if you could complete our online survey on Black People in Haringey and Mental Health.

The survey should take around 7 minutes to complete.

We appreciate you taking the time to do this survey.

By completing this survey, you can be entered into a prize draw. The prizes are:

  • £200 voucher for multiple shops
  • £100 voucher for multiple shops
  • £50 voucher for multiple shops

If you wish to be entered for the prize draw, you will need to enter your name and email/number at the end of the survey. The winners will be informed on Wednesday, 7th February 2024. Only the winners will be contacted.

About the Research

Black Thrive Haringey has commissioned CIRU to undertake the survey:

  • What are the key barriers for Black people in Haringey seeking support for their mental health, and how can mental health services be designed to better meet their needs?

And supplementary question;

  • What is the impact of the police on the mental health and wellbeing of Black people in Haringey?

The questions on the survey have been co-produced and designed by local residents, including the young people who received training as Community Peer Researchers, and key stakeholders.

Click the button below to complete the survey.

About Black Thrive Haringey

Black Thrive has been working with partners since 2016 to address the inequalities that Black people are facing throughout their lives, negatively impacting their mental health and wellbeing. These include poor experiences and outcomes in education, employment, housing, health, social care, and the criminal justice system. Black Thrive Haringey seeks to continue to deliver the vision of Black Thrive Global and work collaboratively with people, projects, and organisations in Haringey to improve outcomes for all Black communities in Haringey, with a mission to embed race equity in systemic change, so that thriving for Black people is the norm in Haringey.

A key aspect of this is the development and delivery of community-led research to better inform policy and invest in future generations by supporting Black people in leadership roles. It is within this context that Black Thrive Haringey commissioned the Community Information Research Unit (a branch of NLPC Ltd) to undertake the community research consultation, examining how the mental wellbeing of the Black Community can be improved.