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Black Thrive Haringey Research

Black Thrive has been working with partners since 2016 to address the inequalities that Black people face throughout their lives which negatively impact their mental health and wellbeing. These include poor experiences and outcomes in education, employment, housing, health, social care, and the criminal justice system. Black Thrive Haringey seeks to continue to deliver the vision of Black Thrive Global and work collaboratively with people, projects, and organisation in Haringey to improve outcomes for all black communities in Haringey with a mission to embed race equity in systemic change so that thriving for black people is the norm in Haringey.

A key aspect of this is the development and delivery of community led research to better inform policy and investing in future generations by supporting Black people in leadership roles. Black Thrive Haringey has commissioned the Community Information Research Unit (a branch of NLPC Ltd) to undertake a community research consultation, examining how we can improve the mental wellbeing of the Black Community. Black Thrive Haringey believes in the principle of co-design, and we are bringing together key stakeholders, including young people to a workshop forum to help shape/finalise the research brief.


Following the finalisation of the research brief, we will also train local residents, including young people as peer researchers and pay them to help facilitate 1-2-1 questionnaires and focus group sessions. This would ensure that local residents, including youth voice are amplified, engaged, and involved throughout every stage of the research consultation.

Interested of becoming a Community Peer Researcher?

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