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About us

The Community Information and Research Unit (CIRU) is a division of NLPC Limited. It is a one stop shop for community economic wellbeing and social research. At CIRU, we work to:


Investigating social and economic issues impacting on communities, finding out fundamental root causes and understanding the polarising effect it can have on residents.


Demonstrating the effectiveness of models of good practice and how new approaches to issues can possibly solve some of the deep-rooted problems within our communities based on evidence from our research.


Using the evidences from our research and best practices to inform policies, strategies and service provisions designed to tackle community issues.

At CIRU, a key area of our work includes empowering residents to get involved in community research and consultations by training them as social researchers /commentators. Our desire for this is underpinned by our yearning for our city to become a world class learning environment, and we believe that we need more strong contributing voices from diverse communities to provide and disseminate critical information concerning issues impacting on their daily lives.