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Digital Dangers & Cyber Safety

Digital Dangers & Cyber Safety

The Digital Dangers and Cyber Safety course is designed to familiarise students with the dangers of the online world, whilst giving them knowledge on how to prevent themselves from becoming victims to cyber-crime. You will have the opportunity to develop and practice skills to detect and prevent dangers, in which there will be a written and interactive evaluation.
During the course, you will learn:

  • What Cyber-crime is
  • How to identify cyber threats
  • To familiarise yourself with tools and skills to prevent yourself from becoming a victim
  • Develop a practice of online user safety

Course Contents

Unit 1

  • What is cyber Crime and what are digital dangers? (e.g. Hackers and Hacking the dark/deepweb and online crime.
  • What is data?
  • Why Cyber criminals want data?

Unit 2

  • Who is affected? (e.g. online shopping/banking and social media)
  • What Cyber criminals can do with data/online fraud and blackmail
  • How do cyber criminals do what they do?
  • Cyber bullying and social media.

Unit 3

Prevention and what you can do to stay safe (e.g. navigation, anti-virus, smart onlinebrowsing, shopping, social media and the correct security setting for devices such as wifi routersand mobile/tablet devices and pc/laptop)

COST: £50.00