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What is an Internship?

An internship is where you work with an employer for a certain period of time which can be anything from one week up to 12 months. It can be paid or unpaid. You will be working the same way as other full time employees but the emphasis is on you gaining the experience and skills needed to do that job.

Internship will give you that all important practical experience and help to stand out from the crowd when searching for a job! People with hands on experience in a job have a much better chance of getting a job.

What are the benefits of doing Internships?

Many employers now require candidates to have both qualification and experience. For a recent graduate or college lever getting an opportunity to gain experience could be very difficult, and internships are proving good options for gaining that essential experience and skills.

Other benefits include:-

  • Practical experience in the sector you want to work in there is nothing like gaining firsthand experience and opportunity to learn a particular job
  • Experience of teamwork and development of interpersonal skills
  • Awareness of current developments/issues within your sector of choice
  • Opportunity to "get a foot-in at the door" with an employer

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