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Work Placements

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What is it?

A work placement is a planned time–limited period of work-based engagement without an employer without financial compensation (although Employers are encouraged to pay out of pocket expenses such as travel and lunch). Work placements are usually for a period of 4/6 weeks Full-Time or over a period of 3 Months if Part-Time (2.5 days per week). Work placement provides benefits for both employer and trainees.

Employers need to invest time and resources for a work placement programme to be successful, but the benefits are significant, for example:

• Opportunity to build a database of potential future employees that know your organisation and the work area
• The ability to assess potential future employees through work trial, without obligation, before formal recruitment
• Develop the local skills base
• Develop the management skills of existing staff
• Increased diversity of workforce that reflect the community you serve
• Providing access to the skills and experiences of traditionally marginalised individuals within the local community
• Good retention rates of future employees

For participants work placements offer opportunities for vocational learning and personal development, without which they may remain detached from the labour market. It acts as a stepping stone from unemployment to paid employment.

How does it work?

Registration as Host Employer

Interested Clients are required to complete the standard registration form as Host Employers willing to undertake participants on work placements.

Work placement vacancy – Work Programme

Clients are required to complete a work programme-outlining the key duties/tasks they would require the trainee to undertake also the minimum skills set and knowledge they require. This would be used by our Work placement co-ordinator to undertake "Placement-Matching" between client and trainee.

Clients would also be expected to indicate the in-house supervisory arrangement during placement

Initial Assessment

We will conduct an initial assessment to ensure the suitability of the trainee for a placement. This will include a questionnaire assessment, including sector preferences, existing skills set and knowledge, training needs, and work readiness. If the ready to participant's assessment is positive then they are deemed ready to commence work placement.

Informal Meeting

A meeting will be arranged between the Host Employer and the trainee, which will be facilitated and attended by our work placement co-ordinator. The aim of this initial interaction is for both the trainee and the employer to assess compatibility and have an informal discussion around the work placement. This process must be conducted in line with the Host Employer's Equal Opportunities Policy. If required/applicable, we will carry out relevant CRB checks.

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